R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles

If you grew up in Chicago, if nothing else, the name Frankie Knuckles was familiar. If you were part of the Chicago House scene (and surely any dance scene), he was an innovator and rightfully dubbed “godfather” of it. Word has come that he died and we’re all at a loss for it. Enjoy a […]


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Thawed, briefly

The winder doldrums have me. Entirely. Chicago is in yet another polar vortex, and believe me, the polish has worn off on that phrase. In the beginning we all stayed indoors. I would take the momentary break in sub-zero temperatures to stock up at the grocery store, sure to get some fruit and vegetables though […]

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Getting a lot of press are the new Sisyphus singles, a collaboration made up of Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux and Serengeti (say that six times) that originally formed in 2012. Back then they put together an EP, this time around it’s a full album which drops on March 18. I am definitely digging these singles […]

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Sometimes you go to a show

Sometimes you go to a show and cringe through the opening acts hoping your ears really, truly aren’t bleeding because you forgot your earplugs in the jean jacket that also has some chocolate biscuits you stashed in there and can’t bring yourself to throw out because they’re maybe still good. Sometimes you go to a […]

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Listen up

Thrilled to bits when Hozier announced late last week that he would be releasing a new EP towards the end of the month. Even more thrilled when he gave us a listen with the title track. Thrilled beyond recognition to share it with all of you. Listen here, and when you find you want to […]

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I do nothing.

I’m seriously looking forward to this Friday’s posting. It’s going to be full of album recommendations that aren’t mine! I have handed over the reins to the Holus-Bolus collective brain and they are going to be telling us what’s kept them going through this month. New, old, whatever. Really, really excited for this and I […]

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That something.

I was ready to write a really bitchy* piece yesterday. I decided to wait it out to make sure I was still pissed. And I am. But I haven’t decided yet if I even want to bother. So first off, I’m going to write about the Tomorrow Never Knows fest that I went to last […]

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not a list, nope.

Is it safe? Have we all gotten our fill of the Best of 2013 lists? Because I have. I don’t make lists.  They are too mutable for me. I do proclaim a “best album” and did that early this year. In case you didn’t know already, my favorite album of 2013 was Typhoon’s White Lighter. […]

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the vinyl question

A question was posed this morning in the hobo facebook group about starting a vinyl collection and what were some “must have” albums. My response: “I have a hard time saying you “must have” this album or that album. A vinyl collection, for me, is a personal collection. I’ll gobble up mp3’s without any regard, […]

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show buddies

If you’re reading this, I imagine you know what show buddies are. If not, here’s how I define a show buddy… First, what they are NOT. They are not necessarily your friends. You might not have their phone numbers, their twitter handles or be “friends” on facebook. Hell, you may not even like them but […]

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