not a list, nope.

Is it safe? Have we all gotten our fill of the Best of 2013 lists? Because I have. I don’t make lists.  They are too mutable for me. I do proclaim a “best album” and did that early this year. In case you didn’t know already, my favorite album of 2013 was Typhoon’s White Lighter. That’s it. That’s my whole list.

I don’t dislike the lists. I really like them, actually. Other people’s lists. It gives me the moment I need daily to say, “their taste sucks” as I see overhyped albums listed in top 10’s over and over again. Some just straight up suck, others I had the mis/fortune of seeing live and realizing how much more work they still need to do. And then there are those that just need to get into rehab, I’m looking at you Foxygen.

I’m really glad it’s the new year and I don’t have to look over those lists anymore. I’m really excited about albums that are coming out and I’l do more on those later. But mostly because I just don’t care. I have my faves, you have yours and it’s exceedingly rare that I look at a list and think, “damn, didn’t know THAT came out.” And here’s the part where I admit I was wrong.

Looking back, there is one album I didn’t give a fair listen to that I’ve really enjoyed since coming out of my post-holiday daze. Laura Mvula’s Sing to the Moon. It came out last March and I completely missed it. Maybe it’s that now is the best time of year for it, that now is when I can connect to it. I don’t know. But what a mad failure on my part, it’s everything I love in an album. Here is where I tell you to go to whatever music supply you like and have at it, do it, if you haven’t already.


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