Playlists dropping like the leaves…


Back in September, Jeff came to us with an idea, let’s make playlists, themed, for autumn. Dig it! Back then, autumn was a kind of warm idea, cool weather just starting to introduce itself. Summer days far outnumbered the autumn ones. We all have our different takes on what autumn means to us. I know I made my playlist with the sunny and warm ones in mind (after scrapping my first sad, sad bastard go at it). Cooler but comfortable. Naïve! Now that we’re really honestly into it, I thought it was time to share.

As Jeremy has said, the beauty of the HoBo’s is our diversity. That shows itself in our playlists. Below are our efforts, a beautiful weekends worth of listening:

Ben It’s for the first real hard rainstorm of the fall – the one that quenches the end-of-summer draught and cools things off to a temperature that makes you grab a hoodie to go with the shorts you refuse to put away just yet.



Jeremy – Songs for making a change, striking out away from home, and taking your memories with you. (selected for Second Place)



Dave C – my submission. It’s more about a set of feeling that make me think of the fall.



Rocky I have trees all around my house and as the leaves gracefully decay, this process evokes a beautifully introspective somberness. A reminder that change is ever forthcoming.



Dave P – Here’s mine:



Jeff – Autumn is an introspective time of the year for me, full of quiet moments and reflection. Here’s a group of songs to soundtrack that. (selected for First Place as well as Most Unified Theme)



Joseorlando – a group of warm songs that serve as a good backdrop for reflection. (tied for Third Place)



Faith – Cool hot coffee mornings, warm runaround days, chilly wood-smoked evenings. (selected as Most Surprising and tied for Third Place)



Christine – Instead of going the sad and reflective route that was my first instinct for a fall playlist I decided to do something different and make a feel-good playlist. Fall is my favourite season after all, and it just makes me feel good. This is the kind of stuff I’d feel like listening to on those rainy fall days when all you want to do is get wrapped up in a blanket beside the fireplace with your sweetheart.




And there ya have it folks, don’t be daunted by volume, just turn it up.


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