can it hang, 2

Once again I stuck my hand into the section of my LP’s that belonged to my mom and what did I pull out??? The soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz. Just couldn’t do it. A second dip in nets us The Manhattan Transfer! I remember growing up both of my parents loving them. I have […]

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NOT a show review

That’s what this post today was supposed to be. I was supposed to have gone to see Geographer and three other bands last night. Geographer, who I love!!! What happened? I bailed. *hangs head* I was tired! It was so cold! There were three other bands before Geographer! I had to get up early this […]

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can it hang, 1.

The very first in this series. I’ll be listening to and writing about Johnny Mathis’s Warm. It came out via Columbia Records, in 1958. In the U.S. it charted at #2 on Billboard and #6 in the UK. I am a Johnny Mathis noob, but this man has been prolific during his recording career. Here’s […]

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Mother, may I?

I was hoping to have a new album review for today, even yesterday but you know what? MEH. Hipster music snob what? YES. I AM. WE ARE. Have something I’m overlooking that I should be checking? Let me know. I will listen to anything once, even if it has me curled up and worried as […]

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the first

I was completely, entirely stoked to see Dessa live. I’ve been aware of her for about a year and a half and have missed her the other times she’s been to Chicago. Was not going to let this time pass me up. Oddly though I almost did. It wasn’t until last Saturday night that I […]

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