Oops, we did it again…

I noticed about a couplathree weeks ago that it had been two years, TWO YEARS, since the gang at hoboindie had posted our playlists. So I took the notion of dusting off the site and reliving the old days to the group. They were game. Much moaning and groaning, procrastination, one deadline pushed back (my bad), and seven of us did it. Once again I am in awe of what the HoBo’s have been able to put together. Maybe this is a one-off, a send-off. Maybe we begin again. Either way, dear listener, enjoy. 

Jeremy – This is where I seem to have landed. Please accept my humble submission.

Doth Rocky – Fondly Familiar

Joseorlando – Lost Club Sandwich Episode (in reference to our resident DJ Q’s weekly show, Club Sandwich on Thursdays at http://www.littlewaterradio.org/ (shameless plug))

Alix – ‘Begin again’ is titled as such because my husband and I made a big decision to do just that — start over, and with a fresh perspective. It’s wonderful, worrisome, scary, and exciting — all of which are woven throughout this playlist.

Faith – I found myself repeating the actions I would take when making playlists was something we did all the time. Listening and relistening, walking away while listening, hoping the transition was good, throwing my arms up in the air when it worked.

Merv – There’s no theme, other than that these are a collection of songs released in 2016 that I’ve been drawn to more as the October nights get cooler and longer. 

Christine – I found it really difficult to focus on making a playlist without a theme, and kept changing it every day. I ended up just going with no theme, throwing the focus out the door, and compiling a playlist of some of my favourite electro/synthpop tracks from the year. I created it with 12s crossfade so every fades together in a big blurry mess. Enjoy!


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