Follow Friday 1.31.14

Though the site itself may have been short-lived, one of the legacies of is the creation of communities of individuals spanning geographic boundaries who share, discuss, and enjoy music communally.  Though the platform is gone, the communities remain – in the form of Facebook groups, Instagram followers, Soundrop rooms, and even concert buddies or […]

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I do nothing.

I’m seriously looking forward to this Friday’s posting. It’s going to be full of album recommendations that aren’t mine! I have handed over the reins to the Holus-Bolus collective brain and they are going to be telling us what’s kept them going through this month. New, old, whatever. Really, really excited for this and I […]

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That something.

I was ready to write a really bitchy* piece yesterday. I decided to wait it out to make sure I was still pissed. And I am. But I haven’t decided yet if I even want to bother. So first off, I’m going to write about the Tomorrow Never Knows fest that I went to last […]

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not a list, nope.

Is it safe? Have we all gotten our fill of the Best of 2013 lists? Because I have. I don’t make lists.  They are too mutable for me. I do proclaim a “best album” and did that early this year. In case you didn’t know already, my favorite album of 2013 was Typhoon’s White Lighter. […]

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