Oops, we did it again…

I noticed about a couplathree weeks ago that it had been two years, TWO YEARS, since the gang at hoboindie had posted our playlists. So I took the notion of dusting off the site and reliving the old days to the group. They were game. Much moaning and groaning, procrastination, one deadline pushed back (my […]


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Friday Has Fallen

My introduction to Sinkane was Daphni’s wonderful remix of ‘Runnin’, a track that serves as a good introduction to Sinkane’s soulful voice and ear for percussive rhythms. There aren’t many remixes that immediately drive me to listen to the original, but doing so with Sinkane was a rich reward. Analogues for the music that Sinkane […]

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Cymbals Eat Guitars Eat Friday

Guitarist and lead vocalist Joseph D’Agostino has always forged his own path. Since its formation through a Craigslist ad in 2007, Cymbals Eat Guitars staked its claim with sonic exploration. The Staten Island group obviously draws influence from the realm of punk and indie rock, most notable on its self-released debut “Why There Are Mountains.” […]

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Follow Friday Finds Kimbra

Normally when picking an album for this feature, it’s supposed to be something that the person doing the choosing definitively likes. This week instead, I went for something that mostly covered what would span the likability base of the Hobo Collective. Kimbra probably became most well-known to most of us through Gotye’s Somebody (That I […]

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A 4th Friday

Instead of the usual Follow Friday list of album recommendations, we’ve put together a rather patriotic at times playlist for your 4th of July festivities. Because who doesn’t need a little Kidz Bop in their life?  

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Follow Friday 6.6.2014

Who says we can’t go back again? This week we recommend the reissue of an iconic rock album, a collection of beautiful covers, crunchy indie rock jams, and new soul from a true legend. Set aside a slice of the day to take a stroll through this week’s recommendations from your favorite music nerds.

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