Vinyl Me, PLEASE.

Welcome to those that might be joining us here over at hoboindie from the twitterverse. I have recently joined up with the gang at Vinyl Me, Please. Story of how this came about? A word on a tweet caught my eye, “turntable.” You might know I’m a site mod for, so seeing turntable in a tweet grabbed my attention. I clicked a link, and another and still another until I found my way to

I read the site. I clicked all the things that could be clicked, because this had my interest. This site was one of those sites, like, that said, THIS. YOU LIKE THIS. And then I clicked “contact us” and wrote the most awesome email ever. Subject Line: how can i work with you? Full Body of E-mail: This is fantastic. And I hit send. THANK GOODNESS my chum Adam from (seriously, check his site out) was having drinks with the co-founder, Matt and Tyler, and was able to inform them that I was not at all entirely insane. Well, I’m not sure of the exact wording, but I think awesome was thrown in.

I met them at an event they thew, met up with them again and again. And now I’m a personal music consultant for Vinyl Me, Please. I think back to when I was 14/15 years old, making my playlists for my local high school’s radio station where I had a show. I promise to not include Stairway To Heaven on every playlist this time around.


Tomorrow I will be adding a new addition to the “Can It Hang” series, where I critique my mother’s vinyl collection, one album at a time, picked blindly and see if her tastes would still make the grade today. The album for this particular posting will be Bobby Short Loves Cole Porter.


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