Thawed, briefly

The winder doldrums have me. Entirely. Chicago is in yet another polar vortex, and believe me, the polish has worn off on that phrase. In the beginning we all stayed indoors. I would take the momentary break in sub-zero temperatures to stock up at the grocery store, sure to get some fruit and vegetables though all I wanted to do was sample every frozen pizza available. Home Run Inn and Jack’s are my current faves, btw. I had even braved the weather to go see Neutral Milk Hotel again, though we almost didn’t make it. Tears streaming through the wind to get to the Starbuck’s across the street from the venue. We couldn’t go further, considering selling our tickets to anyone that might want them rather than crossing the street. We made it, because we’re Chicago, and that’s what we do. It was a fucking great show. The trauma of those winds had made an imprint though and that was the last show I went to until last night. And what a show.


First off, sorry for the potato of a picture. I was comfortable and didn’t feel like framing shots, etc. What you are partially seeing here is the duo that makes up Public Service Broadcasting, a Mr. J. Willgoose, Esq. and Wrigglesworth. Yes, they’re English. They use computer generated and live instruments to play against the background of edited films from the public domain. And it is, they are, outstanding. The footage can be both delightful and haunting. Images from WWII to mods riding on top of cars. I continued, from the first song on, to say how absolutely great it was. JUST what I needed. A quick thaw. I can’t put into words, I really suggest seeing them if you’re able.

Their album, Inform – Educate – Entertain, came out last May and is well worth a listen. I oddly really feel like I did learn things last night. One being, I will definitely see them again.

And have a look and a listen:


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