show buddies

If you’re reading this, I imagine you know what show buddies are. If not, here’s how I define a show buddy…

First, what they are NOT. They are not necessarily your friends. You might not have their phone numbers, their twitter handles or be “friends” on facebook. Hell, you may not even like them but there they are at YOUR shows. (Mr. Fuzzy Head, that given the use of some of my hair product, wouldn’t show up in my pics with a halo around his head every damn time, would be one.)

What they are is someone or a number of someones that share the same love of live music as you. Show buddies also don’t influence whether or not you go to a show. You’re going, if they’re there, even better, if not, you’re still going. That said, when they are there, it’s so much better. Trouble with going to shows with friends is worrying about their comfort, their enjoyment, niceties like that. With a show buddy it’s….easier. It could be a shitshow and you’re still going to have fun.  Shared agony, etc.

I just got done skyping with one of mine, Lauren. She up and moved to Spain a couple of months ago. We were in the same group of friends for a while but didn’t really hang out. If you asked if I knew her, I could say yes, but that was really the extent of it. And then we kept running into each other at various venues around the city. Seeing posts where we were both at Glen Hansard and finding each other in the crowd and hanging out. Eventually we started hitting the same shows together on purpose. We would get each other to go to see bands neither of us normally would.  And we became real friends. We hung out in daylight and outdoors and NOT shows.

I’m writing this post because I really miss my show buddy turned friend. On the flip, I’m also reminded how many wonderful and strange people I’ve met through music. Some of them friends.


at the Hideout Block Party, 2012


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