Friday Has Fallen

My introduction to Sinkane was Daphni’s wonderful remix of ‘Runnin’, a track that serves as a good introduction to Sinkane’s soulful voice and ear for percussive rhythms. There aren’t many remixes that immediately drive me to listen to the original, but doing so with Sinkane was a rich reward. Analogues for the music that Sinkane makes are easy to find – from the supafly soul of Curtis Mayfield to the funky African rhythms of Fela Kuti and William Onyeabor, there are a lot of new and familiar styles and elements to latch onto as a listener. I’m excited to hear what everyone thinks of this new release from a genre-defying talent.


Get your listen on via NPR here.


Theoretically, there is a continuum between tourist easy listening and innovative pop music of any kind. Sometimes, both aren’t even far away from each other, especially when the former is played with by the latter. But the line has to be drawn somewhere, and it should be drawn right in front of this album. Of course, the production on „Mean Love“ is crisp, the composition good, the talent all there. But with all its hula hula, shanty, chanson and funk citations, it feels clichéd to an extent that causes a skin crawling, stomach turning unease I haven’t felt all year.



I had to check to make sure I was listening to the right album a time or two. I’m all for artists that have a variety of sound on an album but this one was dizzying in it’s non-linear progression. Individually there are good songs but as an album, I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t believable to me. Pitchfork will probably love it, I do not.



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