Follow Friday 4.4.14

We have reached the end of another long, musically-fruitful week.  Everyone is pressed for time these days. Make it easy on yourself and maximize your time by taking a moment to browse through this week’s recommendations.

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Follow Friday 3.21.14

This is the first weekend of Spring, so it’s time to pack away the winter sweaters, find the sunscreen, and find some new albums to enjoy.  This week we’ve got a little something for everyone – from contemporary classical and futuristic pop to classic Americana and folk.

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Follow Friday 3.14.14

Even as the quality and quantity of new releases are starting to heat up, spring has a few of us looking backward.  In the case of one Editor-in-Chief, in particular, a very long way backward.  Enjoy these picks for the week, which represent a healthy balance between honoring the past and looking expectantly into the […]

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Follow Friday 3.7.14

Epic techno sets that offer listeners a deep appreciation of history, a legend stepping out on his own, guitar bands for the everyman – or the surfer set, and folk duos perfectly capturing a feeling.  This week’s recommendations include a little something for everyone.

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Follow Friday 1.31.14

Though the site itself may have been short-lived, one of the legacies of is the creation of communities of individuals spanning geographic boundaries who share, discuss, and enjoy music communally.  Though the platform is gone, the communities remain – in the form of Facebook groups, Instagram followers, Soundrop rooms, and even concert buddies or […]

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