On the subject of covers.

Some people love them, some people hate them. I am of the category of LOVE THEM. There are artists out there that I can’t stand, Radiohead probably being the most well-known. Check the room rules in Indie While You Work, discussing Radiohead with me MIGHT, just might get you booted.

I’m that serious. It’s not that I don’t respect them. Musically, I actually quite like them. It’s the vocals. Kill me. I want to break things.

And then I hear a cover of a Radiohead song.

It’s there in the artist’s translation that I finally hear the song. I sometimes find myself thinking, maybe I should give the original another chance, another listen. Usually I love the originals too.

Sometimes hearing a cover is hard because the original is so ingrained. We all know that feeling. When a song from our youth or a poignant moment plays. To hear it different is somewhat off-putting. Times like those I think, “well, this artist must love it as much as I do. OK.”



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