not so much a show review review



The winter blahs are official. Gone are the cabin fever days and now I’ve quite nicely settled into the hermit/shut-in/hibernation phase. Wake me in April. Somehow I managed to organize a group of friends into going to a show last night. It started about a week ago. We were discussing how we, my show-buddies and I, hadn’t been to a show together since some time in December. We had discussed before about how instead of going to a show of someone that we know, we just pick a night and whatever is playing is what we go see. This seemed like the perfect time to try that out.

This brought us, after a day of snow, rain and sleet to Schuba’s for the $10 Dan Tedesco show. Because of the weather or the obscurity of the act, the venue was almost empty, we even sat at a table. It was…really nice! Kind of perfect.

There are times when you’re reminded about how much music is something that is great because of friends. This music wasn’t great, sorry to say. I have a hard time writing that because throughout the show it became apparent that it was indeed a show for friends. Dan’s friends had come out to support him. Just as my friends had come out, more to come together than to see something we knew we’d have a shot at liking. Risk and rewards and all that. I took away more from the friends I was around, as I’m sure Dan did. So yeah, I wasn’t into the show but I was totally into my friends.

I would definitely take that gamble again and I suggest every one do it. You never know.


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