NOT a show review

That’s what this post today was supposed to be. I was supposed to have gone to see Geographer and three other bands last night. Geographer, who I love!!! What happened? I bailed. *hangs head* I was tired! It was so cold! There were three other bands before Geographer! I had to get up early this morning!

The above are all excuses I was making to myself as I sat at dinner with friends last night. I had bought the tickest back in December, completely stoked that Geographer had finally gotten the headliner status they’ve been working towards. I really love this band and they’re a great live show, something that kind of surprises you based on their music. Some bands overcompensate with sounds on their albums and then are a total shit show. I had this experience with Other Lives back in December. Fortunately I had a two show pass so they were able to redeem themselves at a larger venue.

But I digress…. Seriously though, I was not going to enjoy the show. I was not going to be stoked to listen to three other bands AND THEN the band I was there to see. I had to recognize that and make the decision. I want to have good to great show experiences and I almost always do. Sometimes that means not going at all. Feel free to admonish me.

But do so while listening to Geographer:


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