Mother, may I?

I was hoping to have a new album review for today, even yesterday but you know what? MEH. Hipster music snob what? YES. I AM. WE ARE. Have something I’m overlooking that I should be checking? Let me know. I will listen to anything once, even if it has me curled up and worried as to what my mother would think of me. Speaking of my mother, the next post that will appear after this one will be a “can it hang” feature. My mom is responsible for a goodly chunk of my record collection. Some of it is mouth watering good stuff. Some of it I liked as a kid and my taste ran more to the Smurfs….so I’m going to give it a listen and see what happens.

For the time being though I’m adding this:

Yes, hoboindie has it’s own bandcamp page now and even a fan! CHECK IT.

’til tomorrow….



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