Featuring FaltyDL for Follow Friday

Our summer holiday is over and a little change-up to our usual Follow Friday is the streamlining of our album recommendations. Instead of one album from each person, behold, one album from one person with reviews from each person. Henje, our dark-horse from Berlin, starts us off.

Next week, Brooklyn house producer Drew Lustman is releasing his fourth album under the FaltyDL moniker, and his second on renown London label Ninja Tune. While he was always slightly on the experimental side, “In The Wild” pushes his music over the edge of house music and into, well, the wild. The seventeen tracks have on a runtime of just under an hour, and by the end of it, you will have reached the track he posted as a promo video on a rather unusual platform some time ago. (pssst, it’s Pornhub) So is the album as sexy as this suggests? Or is it just one big tease?



The album can be heard via The New York Times

At first I thought this album was absolute shit, I don’t always agree with Henje’s choices, but now he was straight up trolling me. Then I realized I had somehow unmuted Foster the People who were live-streaming at Lolla. That sorted, I decided to take this album for a walk and began looking around, my streets seemed like an alien landscape. What I was seeing wasn’t matching up to what I was hearing. I walked in time to the repeated “do me” off of the aptly named Do Me. I also realized that of all the people I passed that were listening to music, mine was the coolest. No doubt about it.


Calling “Into the Wild” a sonic journey would be a disservice. FaltyDL’s compositions are as unapologetic as they are enticing. He doesn’t attempt to coddle the listener. You came to hear what he had to say, so he speaks. Through voice loops and synth blasts, he tells a very human story. Parts are smooth and comforting, but only small parts. Most songs sink into a melody and sense of comfort, only to be blasted apart with boisterous rhythms. It’s different. It’s excited. It’s unrestrained.




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