Getting a lot of press are the new Sisyphus singles, a collaboration made up of Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux and Serengeti (say that six times) that originally formed in 2012. Back then they put together an EP, this time around it’s a full album which drops on March 18. I am definitely digging these singles […]

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Listen up

Thrilled to bits when Hozier announced late last week that he would be releasing a new EP towards the end of the month. Even more thrilled when he gave us a listen with the title track. Thrilled beyond recognition to share it with all of you. Listen here, and when you find you want to […]

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Follow Friday 1.31.14

Though the site itself may have been short-lived, one of the legacies of is the creation of communities of individuals spanning geographic boundaries who share, discuss, and enjoy music communally. ¬†Though the platform is gone, the communities remain – in the form of Facebook groups, Instagram followers, Soundrop rooms, and even concert buddies or […]

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